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As a well rounded scientist, my mission is to provide exceptional coaching and teaching services, rooted in a strong customer service ethos. I aim to empower my students and clients with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of public health challenges, while fostering an environment of trust and collaboration. By offering objective assessment and evidence-based solutions, I strive to be a catalyst for positive change, ultimately contributing to the overall well-being of individuals and communities alike.

What types of services does Dr. Huff provide?

I work with you to ensure that you receive the best products, services, or experience possible.

Scientific Consulting

I offer comprehensive risk analysis and leadership training through my scientific consulting services, drawing on my expertise in public health, infectious disease forensic investigation, and national security to ensure that your organization is well-prepared to face the challenges of the modern world.”

Expert Witness

My extensive background in public health and food systems, coupled with my experience and training in infectious disease forensic investigations, make him an indispensable expert witness in any public health-related case, ensuring a thorough, objective, and well-informed analysis.


Unlock the secrets of cutting-edge research and innovation with me, as I captivate the audience with my insights into public health, technology, and policy, revolutionizing our understanding of the world around us.


I teach courses on the intersection of public health, technology, and national security, providing unique insights into the world of advanced research, intelligence, and the potential consequences of the misuse of technology.


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The natural instinct of fearful people is to control those around them. Unconditional rights force people to negotiate voluntary participation in collective solutions. Thus, unconditional rights prevent the formation of echo chambers and provide an important counter-weight to rein in uncontrolled panic. When no-one has the option to use the brute force of State power to force others to submit to what they think is “the right thing to do”, then the only path forward is to keep talking to everyone, including to “fringe minorities” with “unacceptable views”. When we allow rights to become conditional, it is virtually a certainty during a crisis that panicked citizens and opportunistic politicians will give in to their worst impulses and trample those who disagree with them.


Coaching for Men

  • Find Purpose & Motivation
    • Reconnect with your true passion and your inner drive.
  • Smash Career Plateaus
    • Increase your income and strategize a plan to reach new professional heights.
  • Set Relationship Goals
    • Rekindle the connection and passion you once had with your partner, or obtain a high quality partner.
  • Achieve Physical Breakthroughs
    • Build healthy habits to reclaim your strength and vitality.

Teaching & Courses Taught

Public Health



Causal Inference

Clinical Trials

Complex Systems

Emerging Infectious Diseases

Epidemiology (I)

Epidemiology (II)

Epidemiology (III)


Food Safety

Infectious Disease Epidemiology

Infectious Disease Ecology

Infectious Disease Policy

National Security




Cyber and Information Security Foundations


Food Defense

AI for Threat Detection


Pandemic Preparedness  & Response

Red Teaming

Risk & Threat Perception

Risk Communication

Security Policy

Threat Analysis

Vulnerability Analysis


Risk Analysis

Agent Based Models

Behavioral Assessment

Compare Apples to Oranges

Critical Infrastructures


Emerging Technology

GIS Spatial Analysis

Mass Balancing

Method, Theories, & Applications

Regulatory Toxicology

Risk Communication

Risk Quantification with ML/AI

Systems Dynamics Models

Toxicological Risk Analysis

When to use a model


Leadership & Decision Making

Academics Are Bad Leaders

Basic Leadership Course

Building High Functioning Teams

The Decision Making Method

Delegating and Triaging


Optimizing Failures for Success

Managerial Communication

Properly Using Models to Inform Decisions

Social Responsibility

Recruitment Strategy to Win

Technology Management

Team Resilience